Saturday, June 6, 2015

Santos Bonacci- Reclaiming Dominion

Santos Bonacci- Reclaiming Dominion

Santos Bonacci is an Australian- based researcher of astro-theology and syncretism, as well as a musician.  His YouTube channel is "Mr. Astrotheology".  

In this lecture titled "Reclaiming Dominion" Santos touches on subjects such as law, science, religion, astrology and astronomy/ solar events and puts a big part of the larger picture of life on this planet onto the table.

"Reclaiming Dominion" is actually not as off-topic from the subject of pre-colonial stoneworks as one might think.  Santos explains Vatican law and it is especially great to hear him explaining about the planetary orbits through-out the universe.  

Ancient man was an astronomer, more so than most people are today.  When looking at sites such as large rows of boulders on ledges, that line up with other boulder arrangments for miles around, one cannot help but think they are walking through the maze of an ancient solar planetarium- no matter where one is on this Earth, the ancient cultures seemed to be bringing the heavens down to the Earth- "as above, so below" so that man was the intermediary/ observer/ etc. of these forces.  I have alot of posts up about propped boulder/ boulder alignment sites such as my recent trip to Lynn, MA. from a few posts back.

Santos Bonacci's lecture "Reclaiming Dominion" is in 2 parts.  Here is part 1, about 2 hrs.-

Part 2, about 1 hr.-

Parts 1 & 2 together, about 3 hrs.-

I also have another Santos Bonacci link on this blog, where he interviewed Aborginal activist/ lore man Jaga Jaga (Brendon Murray).  The link is here-

Some charts relating to Santos' lecture (and to stoneworks- this is what is meant by "syncrenicity")-


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