Friday, June 26, 2015

Stone Head On A Ridge- Summer Solstice Viewing

Stone Head On A Ridge- Summer Solstice Viewing

This is a special place for me because not only is this locacted in my area, I was born down the street from here, on "Ridge Rd."  at my parent's house.  When I was lost in the woods one afternoon/ evening/ night when I was a toddler (3 or 4 years old) my father was worried I could have fallen off this ridge!  I remember I made it to the saftey of a house after dark that was half-way across town, climbing over the back-yard fence.  After running away into the woods in the early afternoon what had happened was I got scared off and blown off course by dirt bikers.  I was probably scared of the loud motors of their bikes and also the helmets they wore.  A grand adventure for such a little kid.  

Back to the site at hand.  This ridge was heavily quarried a century (and more) ago.  They quarried around the ledge up to where this boulder is located, narrowly sparing this boulder from being blown up/ quarried.  It is a miracle this boulder is still here.  This boulder is obviously a sacred stone, a stone head in fact with a well defined nose.  Here are the pics: 

The top of the "head" is a flat top, perhaps meant for standing:

Standing on the flat top of the boulder looking down at the nose/ face features:

From a different angle:

This arrowhead is in pretty rough shape, it was found poking out of the ledge pretty much at the foot of the boulder, narrowely missing being blown to bits when quarrying/ blasting (exposing lower levels of earth) was happening here a century ago.  This is further proof however that the boulder is Native American in origin, was probably placed into this position and worked out (as clearly indicated by the nose) and was a stone revered by Native people as sacred:  

Looking down the ledge:

The summer solstice sunset as viewed from the ledge/ ridge, and in alignment with the stone boulder:


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