Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cairn Field, Continued

Cairn Field, Continued

Moving on from last post.  These cairns and stone structures pretty much speak for themselves.  Nice example of a Cairn Field on a hill-side.

Very much a fish effigy in the fore-ground:

Stacked rock pile altar/ effigy:

Stone shapes:

Statue-like, but looking abstract (at least in current state... could be of great antiquity):

Another Manitou/ spirit stone on the top middle of this cairn: 

One of the many kinds of classic cairn structure designs found in this region:

Two stones placed on a boulder.  The stone on the right appears to have two markings (lines) worked into it:

This cairn appears to depict a turtle or other animal (stone on left as the head stone), and at the same time probably functioned as an altar as well as indicated by the stones with the flat surfaces placed on the cairn.  At least that is what I see:

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