Thursday, January 14, 2016

Last thoughts on Michael Tellinger Lectures Before Moving On

Last Thoughts On Michael Tellinger Lectures Before Moving On

It is no doubt that the stone ruins found in South Africa are awe-inspiring.  Michael Tellinger seems to be making the loudest noise at the moment as far as that research goes.  However, I have a hard time with his "Anunnaki gold-mining" hypothesis.  I will admit that the Sumerian cuniform tablets are interesting and very old, and that the South African ruins Michael is looking at probably pre-date the Sumerian culture and that they are both generally in the same part of the world.  Therefore I agree that ruins and artifacts found in South Africa could be prototypes of later (but still ancient) cultures in that general area, such as the Sumerian culture.

Tellinger seems to be drawing his Anunnaki hypothesis from the translations of Zacheria Sitchin (sp.?), and it is known that Sitchin did not properly translate some of the material from the Sumerian Cuniform tablets.  Not only are some of Sitchin's translations bad (from what I have heard), but when they are more or less "right", the context isn't.  For instance, when talking about "Gods" we do not have to take "Gods" literally in the way a modern person would try to make sense of it (which is what researchers like Sitchin & Tellinger seem to be doing).  We do not have to apply material flesh and blood to these gods.  However, there is an indigenous wisdom and history coming from those mythologies that is important to that part of the world- at least that is what I can tell from it.  For instance, the translation of the gods as "giants" does not have to mean flesh and blood giants from the stars, the cuniform texts are probably referring to the primal forces of the cosmos- obviously the forces of space in the sky perceived by ancient people (and they did perceive more than most modern people realize).   

With that said, I find Tellinger's work to be interesting, educational and important at the same time.  You can learn a lot from his videos and still dis-agree or be unsure with some of his viewpoints/ ideas.  I would even go as far to say that there are paralells between the research of stone-works in South Africa with stone-works in New England and all over the world.  For instance, a confounding high volume of stone-works.  The stone enclosures in S. Africa seem to parallel the miles of stone wall labyrinth complexes in New England.  In the video I will show here, Tellinger shows bird stones.  There are similar proto-type bird stones all over New England as I have shown in this blog.  Lastly, some of the Standing Stone sites bear a remarkable resemblance to one another.  As Mavor and Dix pointed out in their work, however, you can apply these con-founding similarities to be across the world in just about every land.  Also, the work of Tellinger and others is open-minded and they express some great alternative viewpoints about sound vibration and resonance, sacred geometry, etc.

So here is one last Michael Tellinger lecture before moving on to other posts:


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