Saturday, January 16, 2016

Stone Wall/ Complex Features: Rounded Head Stone, Standing Stone & Perched Boulders

Stone Wall/ Complex Features: Rounded Head Stone, Standing Stone & Perched Boulders

Here is a nice site from the Milford/ Holliston town line area.  It has some interesting features both along and around the stone wall.  First is a rounded stone I noticed which seems to portray the profile of a human (or perhaps anthropomorphic) head.  Next to it is a Standing Stone and finally some interesting boulders in and around the wall.

This is actually the last set of pictures I have for the moment.  As some may know my old computer crashed not too long ago.  I got a new lab-top but it is a real cheapie.  Furthermore I am having trouble uploading new pictures onto my e-mail- why I do not know.  Hopefully this will only be a temporary problem.  In the meantime I plan to keep the blog active by posting articles, links to video lectures from various researchers from all over the world and things like that. 

The first feature is this rounded stone head.  The stone itself is rounded, and this is probably not a natural feature- it looks worked- over.  You can also tell where the forehead, eyes, nose, etc. is on the stone.  It looks human-like but possibly animal/anthropomorphic as well (like an Egyptian Thoth.  I am not saying it is Thoth, I am just giving an example of what I mean by anthropomorphic.)  View A:

View B:

View C:

View D:

Next is the Standing Stone located several yards away from the stone head.  There appears to be a line-mark or two on the stone:

View B of the Standing Stone:

Stepping back the stone head and standing stone as viewed from behind.  Stone head on the left and standing stone in the middle.  It looks like there is a serpent- motif to the wall as well:

The wall continues and runs into a boulder, a classic element in these walls:

On a bedrock outcrop above the wall is this perched boulder- there is at least one stone placement under the boulder:

The perched stone on the bedrock in the background, the wall in the foreground with some interesting stone shapes:

Another perched boulder nearby.  View A:

View B:


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