Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Massive StoneWorks In South Africa Lecture

Massive StoneWorks In South Africa Lecture

Before getting into the topic of this post I want to say that I deleted the last post.  There is no need for me to get too detailed about personal endeavors, experiences growing up, etc. in this blog.  The post was a lot of emotional drivel and rambling.  Although I suppose it did give some insight into me, the author of this blog, it simply isn't necessary.  Maybe some keywords about myself from last post: former athletic runner, Chinese Martial Arts, Native American ancestry, raised as a Christian Scientist in early life (healing, praying, quiet center, anti-pharmaceutical medicine/ drugs), well-read, rebellious as teenager, thinking outside the box, etc.

However, in the last post I did state that I am having trouble uploading new pictures onto my e-mail.  This is still the case.  To supplement what will become, hopefully only for the short-term, a shortage of pictures of local sites in my area I am going to be sharing links from researchers not just from North America, but from all over the world.

The following presentation is from Michael Tellinger, a researcher in South Africa.  I want to say that I do not follow his work as far as "the Annunaki" is concerned.  I will not say that he is wrong to include this in his research, if that is his perspective than fine, he has every right to go there with what clues of evidence he has. 

Personally, I myself do perceive that human-kinds' antiquity goes deep into the past, at least into the hundreds of thousands of years.  I can also relate to what "energy" is or what might be called electro-magnetic white light and that our ancestors had the ability to harness this most natural force to their advantages.  I can also agree with a divine presence in the universe, and an ebb and flow of "sentient beings" (like a great-horned serpent in the thunder clouds, or what the Aboriginals in Australia call "the rainbow serpent") and that there are other such cosmic forces at play as well.  So for me, this is on an "energetic" level, but is very real and affects the world we live in.  So here I do not have the same viewpoint of what Michael Tellinger will bring up about the "ancient astronaut" part of his research.  But that's okay.

The rest of the lecture is fantastic and over-all very well put together.  Michael Tellinger will be talking about the ancient stones in South Africa.  Everything from the symbolic shapes of the stones, to sound and vibration, and the massive distribution of the sites and their implications -it used to be thought the stone sites in South Africa was about 20,000, but now it is revealed in the millions.  I perceive that this is probably the case in Northeast America as well, although some sites, and the continuous dispertion thereof, have been lost to development, and some things are obscured by brush, trees, soil build-up and the like. 

Here is the Michael Tellinger lecture (147 mins.):

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