Sunday, January 3, 2016

Makumskwok Boulders W/ "Donation Piles" (Milford, MA.)

Makumskook Boulders W/ "Donation Piles"

Quite a few of the boulders in this area have impressive donation piles of stone/ intentional man-made rock piles of stone at the foot of the boulder.  Here are just a couple of pictures I got around to taking, although there are more examples I did not take a picture of.  Also, I tried making my first video with the crappy camera I have, but it did not come out right; and also, it did not feel right to do so.  I was unable to save the video or upload it, so I deleted it.  This tells me that this area should not be video recorded, but taking pictures is okay, or neutral, so I am going to stick to just pictures.  This provides a glimpse of what is out there, but does not capture the essence which should really be experienced first-hand anyway.

Boulder #1 has a nice rock pile at the foot of it.  Maybe a tilted Standing Stone center left:

Boulder #2 has a nice rock pile/ donation pile under it too.  The immediate rock pile under the boulder has a nice boxed-in shape to it and features a tilted Standing Stone in the middle.  Also, this is just off the trail of the remains of an old Native foot-path that runs through these ledges (narrow, meandering, single-file and very over-grown).  Most would not notice what remains of the trail:

Boulder #3 does not have a donation pile and is nearby to boulder #2.  It does appear to be manipulated into place and... 

... features a flat-top:

There are at least a few more examples of boulders with rock piles in the area that I may get around to getting pics of sometime in the future.  Also important to note that this area is in the high hills above the headwaters of the Charles, Blackstone and Sudbury Rivers.

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