Monday, January 4, 2016

Cairns & Stone Wall Along the Slopes of the Hills

Cairns & Stone Wall Along the Slopes of the Hills

More cairns and stone-works from the same area as the previous posts- the long range of hills in Milford MA.

Cairn #1, View A.  My opinion is that this whole boulder has been shaped out with the rock pile than added later:

View B:  When comparing the two pictures we can see that the stones placed on this cairn form a shape, such as the turtle petro-form cairn that was featured 2 posts back, which is a neighboring cairn to this one (in alignment as a matter of fact).  This one is harder to discern (at least in it's current state.)  May be another turtle or a Great-Horned Serpent, a Sky Being (as this area is great for sky viewing), or a human anthropomorphic figure placed below the sky:   

Another shaped-out boulder with a smaller cairn in the background.  This whole area is a major complex of some sort  along the side of the slope of the hill (at least what remains of it.)  It would be amazing to see what this spot originally looked like long ago:

A lower to the ground cairn.  In the back-ground you can see how high up this area is:

Split boulder, forming a symbolic shape.  The rock pile to make the cairn was later added.  Every stone on the cairn, as is usually the case, has been worked out into a shape and placed to form a specific pattern.  There is nothing random about any of this:

This large elongated cairn is between cairn 1 of this post and the turtle cairn of 2 posts back: 

Going down the slope a bit is an archaic-looking wall complex.  The wall meets in certain areas and also goes off in many directions:

A close-up of one of the wall features.  Again, even in this wall of a more massive scale, we see that most stones (if not all) have a special shape and placement.  Notice the rhombazoid shaped stone to the left of the stone slab.  On top of the stone slab are effigy stones (a bird, like a condor or eagle, and maybe a baby turtle.) 

From the other side:

A couple more stone cairns:

A nicely formed stone mound built into the side of the hill, way down the slope.  This is definitely a stone structure such as a stone mound, and in my opinion it even has the potential to be a collapsed or buried Chamber but I do not know.  View A:



Stay tuned because it only gets better.

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