Saturday, January 2, 2016

Turtle Petro-form Cairn- the Magomisquog Hills

Turtle Petro-form Cairn

From the hills of Milford, MA. Magomisquog- the "grand view/ great rock place."  I will also say that the word "view" in the descriptive name for the Milford hills could be replaced with the word "vision."  After all, a view affords a vision, therefore as far as I am concerned the two words/ meanings are inter-changeable, one lending to the other in a natural sort of way.  It is hard to interpret the Algonquian language into English in the first place- a single word such as Magomisquog would be descriptive and would take a couple of sentences in the proper English language to crack the essence of it's meaning!  Furthermore, when I spend time in these hills, I do get a strong feeling and sense that the area was used for vision questing before in the past.  I also call the area "the Dreaming Place", but that's just me (if a view affords a vision, than a vision can afford a dream).
Below are pictures of an old turtle cairn found amid the shrub in the hills.  It is not a very large cairn, may be medium sized.. basically a turtle petro-form on top of a boulder.

The stone on the far left center is the turtle head.  The large stone in the center, stacked on top of the other stones is the turtle shell.  Notice the stone that is the turtle fin sticks out on the edge of the boulder:

A similar angle:

We can see from this angle that the shell stone is also triangular shaped and that this turtle cairn/ petro-form is a very nice structure:

Very surreal:

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