Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More On the Education System & Maritime Admiralty Law + Jokerman

More On the Education System & Maritime Admiralty Law

Last post found us analyzing and re-searching the land acquisitions in the New England region that were snatched up by Harvard University starting in the 1600's through benefactors such as Edward Hopkins.  The reach of these esteemed person's was far reaching.  For instance, Thomas Hollis, whom Holliston was named after, was a wealthy merchant.  It was exactly this wealthy merchant class that ran the slave trade.  For instance, many American Indian people were captured from the New England area and sold into slavery into the Carribean Islands, eventually to mix in with other groups moved to those islands for slave work.  So now we know that Harvard University has
1) Usurped and stolen vast acreage and tracts of Native land through it's benefactors and through the institution itself and
2) Some of these benefactors were likely involved in the Slave and Spice Trades; likely so as they were "wealthy merchants".
It is obvious that these people have their hands dirty in a bit of everything.  Let's project ourselves a bit further into the present moment and look at how institutions such as Harvard College have shaped and re-shaped, and controlled the-
3) Education system.
I will show a video from guerilla journalist Luke Rudkowski interviewing whistle-blower Charlotte Isterby who worked on the U.S. Board of Education.  The 8:30 minute video is titled "The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America."  In the interview Isterby confides that the position she held within the Dept. of Education was usually held by someone such as the former president of HARVARD or some such University.  The way these people have shaped communities, townships, real estate, commerce, the education system, etc. is astounding once the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.  Here is the We Are Change video "the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America"-

A powerful interview indeed.  There are other online links to more in-depth Charlotte Isertby interviews on YouTube for further learning and material.

Next, I would like to address the issue of the legal system and expose what the Old World concept of 'Maritime Admiralty Law' is.  Love him or hate him (or if you are like me maybe "love" some of this man's work and not so much some of his other work), I am going to present a 15 minute lecture on the legal system/ Maritime Admiralty Law presented by Jordan Maxwell.  Maxwell will be pointing out the origins of terms, words in a legal context and what this all means.  By doing so he exposes the fictional fraud that is the legal commerce system.  Here is the link-

That does it for now as far as this leg of research and critical thinking is concerned.  Next post we will be moving on to other material.
But before we go the title of the Admiralty Law lecture reminded me of this Bob Dylan Music Video.  "Jokerman" from the 1980 album 'Infidels', one of my favorite Dylan songs-

Stay tuned for more stone-works and research!

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