Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bird Effigy, Propped Boulder W/ Standing Stone & More

Bird Effigy, Propped Boulder W/ Standing Stone & More

On to a different site from the last posts.  These were located in another CT town:

The bird effigy.  This is also a rocking stone/ balance stone, but is very delicate:

Worked-out stones:

Rock on rock:

A Standing Stone (now leaning over in modern times) placed next to a propped boulder on a ledge.  I have now seen Standing stones associated with stone mounds, stone walls, chambers, and now also propped boulders:

Another view showing off the Standing Stone:

The propped boulder as seen from below on the ledge-side:

Not the best picture, but this was a stone wall that ran into a ledge outcrop/ enclosure:

Propped boulder A lining up with...

.... propped boulder B, maybe 1/8 of a mile away.  This propped boulder also had a standing stone that had completely toppled over:

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