Sunday, December 21, 2014

More StoneWorks Holliston, MA. Pt 6

More StoneWorks Holliston, MA. Pt 6

Stone ring petroform lining up to placed boulder in this stone-wall enclosure (the stone wall from the last post enclosed this site) 

Close-up of stone ring (too small to be a white man's fire, this is Native for a specific purpose):

Close-up of the boulder:

Stone ring also lines up to another rock pile that this dead tree grew over (middle of pic):

Close-up of a worked-out stone sticking out of the ground in a rock pile the dead tree grew over:

Another kind of a standing stone in this stone wall (with a slanted flat surface compared to the more "obelisk" shaped ones):

Speaking of which, here is an "obelisk" type Standing Stone that has toppled over:

Propped/ Balancing boulder on bedrock ledge:

More stone wall, note all the different shaped/ sizes of stones:

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