Thursday, December 4, 2014

Interesting Stone Wall Features Pt 2- Hopkinton MA.

Interesting Stone Wall Features Pt 2- Hopkinton MA.

Here we have a perfect example of a niche spot incorporated into a larger stone wall.  The slab of stone that creates the niche is elevated from the ground, using the smaller stones.  This stone wall runs along a series of ledges, and this particular spot ran along a well-defined ledge: 

Another view.  Another feature of this work is the different-shaped stones that were either worked-out or selected to be put here. (Am I seeing a faded out round circle etched on the stone placed on top of the center-slab?)  Also the stone pillars the "bench" slab rests on create a double-niche:

Two boulders that the stone wall runs through:

Another view of the two boulders over-looking the horizon on the ledge from this view:

The stone wall running away from one of the boulders:

Stone wall faintly running through these boulders.  In the background is a propped boulder/marker on the ledge:

Back center stone is a bird effigy in the wall.  Amazing how alot of these stones seem to be specially selected:

Another classic feature of ancient Native wall design.  Smaller stones running on top of boulder in the wall: 

Massive stack on the ledge (and, this is not an area used for farming, not with the bedrock ledge on the ground like this):

Unusual stones on the ledge associated with the wall: 

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