Wednesday, December 24, 2014

More StoneWorks, Pt. 11

More StoneWorks, Pt. 11

Stone wall that leads right up to a propped boulder on a ledge.  Perhaps the propped boulder in this case is the serpent's head;

View of the wall before it hits the propped boulder:

Standing under the propped boulder on the ledge:

Below the ledge, there is a swampy brook, but the stone wall continues after the marsh:

Another section of stone wall running into the ledge:

Another propped boulder;

Interesting split stone-work nearby:

Grinding stone:

More of the stone wall:

The last stone (to the right) in this rock pile looks like a bird's head or a turtle:

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  1. These pics were taken 1/2 a week before the winter winter solstice. I wonder, in the first pic, if the sun sets by the mouth/chin of the "serpent's head" (propped boulder) on that day (perhaps casting a shadow as well).