Saturday, December 13, 2014

Odds & Ends in CT.

Odds & Ends in CT.

These pics are from the same site from the last 2 posts:

A "rock shelter-like" niche spot, featuring a cool worked-out Standing Stone by the entrance:

View of the worked-out stone from another angle:

Stone-works on the ground above the niche spot:

A pit with associated stone-works.  There is actually a line of stones (not sure if you can see it that well) that go from the stone cairn to the pit:

Another view of the pit (right in the middle of all the other stone-works from this and the last couple posts).  Notice the stones encircling the pit:

A marker stone:

Another pit:

A grinding stone (w/ depressed groove):

Classic Native American stone-wall feature.  Boulder incorporated into the wall:

A peculiar stone-wall feature, seeming to be asthetic in nature:

Small baby cairn:

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