Monday, December 8, 2014

Propped Boulder, Cairns & Stone Foundation - Hopkinton MA.

Propped Boulder, Cairns & More - Hopkinton MA.

A smoothed out & propped boulder on a ledge, nearby to stoneworks from other posts from this area.  The quartz vein in the middle of the rock has also been exposed.  By now I hope my blog has made a good case for the patterns of propped boulder placements.  Throughout my blog I like to feature many propped boulders, also see my post from September (2014) where I make some good talking points in favor of propped boulders.  I don't know when academics (in general) are going to change their minds that they are not all glacial erratics, that they are indeed special stones placed by an older, indigenous culture, but I'm not going to wait for them to catch up with the truth, when I know what I am looking at:

Different angle.  More rounded out from this side.  Stones such as this in particular remind me of the polished boulders from Costa Rica, although not as perfectly round: 

Unjulating stone wall:

Stone mound with boulder marker horizon point:

Low-to-the-ground cairn.  Perhaps a turtle effigy:

More cairns:

Rock-on-rock with a quartz crystal placement:

Colonial or indigenous?  (Or indigenous during colonial times? Or maybe actually much older?)  These last three pics are of a stone structure, looking like a foundation, that is in the vicinity of the cairn/ stone mound site I am in the middle of posting about.  I see no modern quarry marks, looks like the stones could have been split the indigenous style: 

A Standing Stone in this stone structure ruins:

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