Sunday, December 7, 2014

Megalithic StoneWork, A Drum Stone, Standing Stone & Other Features

Various Features- Megaliths, Drum Stone, Standing Stone Etc.

First up we have this megalithic boulder propped onto these smaller stones, creating a nice niche spot and shelter space.  This is in the vicinity of many propped boulders I will feature in this post and the next few posts:

From another angle:

In the same vicinity as the above pic(s) is this Drum Stone.  It is identical to the one that still works in the next town over in Holliston.  There are 2 trees that have grown up in the way of this one.  Note the boulder platform, the shell-shaped drum stone on top and it's precarious placed balance:

From another angle:

In the same vicinity, overlooking a ledge:

The base of the stone:

Nearby in another area of the same woods we see this cairn (foreground) over-looking/lined up to a large boulder (background.)....

....from another direction these smaller boulders are lining up to the larger one....

The large boulder viewed from the backside.  Nice placement on the bedrock:

A standing stone lined up with the cairn (3 pics up), to the left of the boulder:

Moving on, another nice propped boulder on a ledge:


Standing stone leaning against this boulder:

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