Sunday, December 21, 2014

More StoneWorks, Holliston MA. Pt 7 (Bird Effigy)

More StoneWorks, Holliston MA. Pt 7 (Bird Effigy)

The profile of a bird's head.  If you can't see it at first then tilt your head and stare at it for a second.  This boulder has been worked-out by the hands of men, long ago, to represent a deity or idol.  In this way it is also a stone altar.  When you find yourself in these places it is good to at least simply say a prayer, and to have good intentions and reverance, if nothing else.  It should be known that entire teams of construction workers mysteriously died while messing around with ancient sites in this region.  You will not find any artifacts here, the boulder itself is the artifact so don't go around messing with it or any of the other stones:   

From head-on:

A shaped-out boulder:


Another stone ring petroform at this site, identical to the one from the last post:

More stonework:

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