Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Part 4- Twin Propped Ledge Boulders & Alignments, Holliston MA.

Part 4- Twin Propped Ledge Boulders & Alignments, Holliston MA.

This site, related to the other posts, starts out as 2 propped boulders on a ledge, which looks very identical to a site in Hopkinton, MA. a few miles away that I posted about the other month (I will have to do a post in the future comparing the two sites).  These Holliston boulders are also in alignment with three other boulders in a stone row that are not on the ledge and it is this stone row that lines up with the enclosure of boulder pillars from the last post.  These ledge boulders I thought looked the most beautiful so I reserved this part to be the last post of the day:

Twin boulder placement on ledge:

A nearby petroform, possibly disturbed:

Another angle:

Closeup of boulder #1:

Close-up of boulder #2:

Three boulders in a row in alignment with the ledge boulders:

Looking towards the ledge:

2 of the three boulders in the stone row, with the twin ledge boulders visible in the background: 

The thing that people need to realize is that not only do these boulders line up with other placed boulders and stone-work I have shown in this post and the last five posts, but also with other boulders and stonework in the area, for miles around.  This includes boulders that are further down near the drum stone, boulders and stoneworks in neighborhoods that now are residential housing, and even Holliston's famous Balance Rock on Washington St., which most people think is a glacial erratic.   

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