Sunday, December 28, 2014

More StoneWorks Holliston MA Pt 18

More StoneWorks Holliston MA Pt 18

I would call this a unique mound because the way it is situated next to the boulders (and it is built up nicely, too):

Angle #B:

Another stone mound nearby:

Angle B:

Angle C:

Rock on rock:

Bird effigy stone mound in the background (posted about this bird effigy mound quite some posts back).  Nice cairn with a round stone in the foreground.  Is the round stone supposed to line up w/ the bird's mouth from a certain angle?  What about a sun-rise alignment with the round ball & bird effigy? (things to be investigated):

Native American stone wall:

Through the ledges it goes:

A knocked over Standing Stone:

A slab of stone inserted by the stone wall to reflect sunlight.  Possible bird effigy motiff:

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