Thursday, January 1, 2015

Holliston MA. Stone Fort Pt 2

Holliston MA. Stone Fort Pt 2

I posted about this site a few posts back.  However, after returning to the site I have noticed some more things.  This structure is on a ledge and reminds me of pictures I have seen of Queen's Fort in Rhode Island, although this structure has not been "touched up" in modern times.  First I will show off the structure again:

Some of the boulders that enclose the stone structure.  It has been determined there is a possible Spring Equinox alignment between these rocks.  The structure is on the other side of these boulders:

What felt like an entry-way to the site.  These are rock piles in a ruinous state on either side of the pic, paralell to each other:

The stone mound that is nearby:

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