Tuesday, January 6, 2015

America's Stonehenge (Mystery Hill) Pt. 8- The Oracle Chamber (Main Site Pt V)

America's Stonehenge (Mystery Hill) Pt. 8- The Oracle Chamber (Main Site Pt V)

The Oracle Chamber is perhaps the largest feature of the main site; and certainly the largest and most significant Chamber on site.  It is within proximity of the Table Dolmen.  There is a "speaking tube" hidden within the Oracle Chamber (thus the name) which could have had a shamanic/ and/or acoustic effect on ceremonies being performed by the Table Dolmen.

Entrance of the Oracle Chamber:

Close-up of entrance:

Stone wall outside the entrance:

Inside the main hall of the Chamber:

Looking out from the Chamber:

Niche in the stone:

Roof opening:

Stonework inside the Chamber. Also the 2nd hall-way:

Petro-glyph stone within the Oracle Chamber.  Has been interpreted as either a running deer or as a view of the Merrimack River watershed as viewed from nearby Haverhill, MA.  The topography maps show an identical shape to the river as this:

Nearby to the petroglyph is this niche-spot in the Oracle Chamber:

A drain worked into the Chamber (I have seen drains in Native stone walls, etc before):

The exit of the Oracle Chamber.  Note the stone steps:


The back exit/entrance:

Back exit from a distance:

This wraps up my notes and 8-part series posting on America's Stonehenge (Mystery Hill) in Salem, NH.

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