Friday, January 9, 2015

Magomiscock- "Grand-View Place/ Great Rock Place", Milford MA. Pt.1

Magomiscock- "Grand-View Place/ Great Rock Place", Milford MA. Pt.1 

Magomiscock (alternate spelling could be Megumisquog) is a Native place name (Algonkian, specifically Nipmuc) pertaining to the hills of Milford, MA.  This is expressed in the translation "grand view place."  I believe this must refer to the Bear Hill, Fortune Blvd. and beyond area (the powerlines running up I495 North), where there are great hills with phenomenal viewing spots.  Magomiscock, according to my research, has also been translated as "Great Rock Place."  The pictures taken in this 5-part series are from the powerlines area going North adjacent to I495.  Both Fortune Blvd. and Bear Hill have been heavily developed, but there are remnants of placed stones in those areas as well.  

The place names of Native culture reflect the landscape, and for there to be perched/ propped boulders at "the great rock place with a grand view" should tell us something- these stones are special, no doubt a "power" place.  The thing about this place in modern times though, is, there are powerlines running through it with housing/ condos to one side and the highway adjacent to this spot.  Let's take a look at what remains:

A ledge with 2 perched boulders on either side, a symbol I have been seeing a lot of lately.  This is overlooking what is now I495 running north:

Boulder on the left:

Boulder on the right:

Boulder on the right looked at from down below:

A worked-out stone (the profile of an effigy/ deity/ spirit/ sachem?) and another propped boulder:

Stone cairn at the foot of the ledge:

A row of three boulders lining up at the foot of the ledge:

Cairn (probably an effigy):

Cairn lining up with another perched boulder on the other side of the ledge:

This rock pile had a U-shape (curve) to it:

Rock-on-rock, perched precariously:


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