Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Holliston, MA. Cairns & StoneWorks Pt 1

More Holliston, MA. Cairns & StoneWorks Pt 1

These stoneworks were way back in the conservation woods behind the Holliston Historical Society, a large patch of woods also going behind Winter St. and Highland St. in Holliston.  From there these woods are also related to other conservation woods with other stoneworks already covered on this blog, such as the Miller Hill area, and further up, the Rocky Woods/ College Rock area and eventually Echo Lake.  These areas are only broken up by modern development.  We can see the pattern that this area used to be one continuous ceremonial landscape littered with indigenous stone constructions.

View of Cairn angle #A.  This was a well configured structure, and one can see that the stone-work in the foreground of the cairn is also related to the structure:

Angle B:

Angle C:

Stone wall on top of a ledge outcrop.  Due to development I think some of this wall was removed/ obliterated:

Unusually shaped boulder.  I will have to come back to see if there is a better angle to view this rock.  Could it be a turtle on top of a platform with it's head tilted up?  In Algonquian culture, the turtle is the most revered and highest totem.  Perhaps the platform worked out of the boulder was used to place offerings:

A well-buried cairn/ stone mound:

Stone-works on a hillside ledge view #A:

View #B:

Stone wall at the bottom of a ledge, running into the ledge.  This is related to the stone wall from a few pics ago, although there is a house built in the 1980's and other signs of development that have ceased this wall from linking together: 

Perched boulder on a ledge:

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