Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Unique Structure- Another "Mega-Mound"/Ruin, Holliston MA.

Unique Structure- Another "Mega-Mound"/Ruin, Holliston MA.

Another "mega" stone mound structure (perhaps remains of a more elaborate ruin) in Holliston.  This was shown to me and a group of others by Holliston town historian Joanne Hulbert- earlier that day I had shown the group (NEARA members- New England Antiquities Research Association) the whereabouts of the stone shrine (with the winter solstice alignment) I had found.  I returned to this site Joanne had shown us to take these pictures.  In it's vastness, this structure reminds me of the other "mega" mound in Holliston up by "Miller" Hill.  However, the Miller Hill mega-mound is actually the remains of a pyramid structure (the way it was built on top of a hill over-looking a swamp) whereas this structure is also by a swamp, but was built in a similar way on flat land this time, although we are at high elevation here- modern development and industry have probably messed up the water tables in this area.  I will provide a link to the Miller Hill Mega-Mound (pyramid construct) I posted about already here-  and here-   

Let's have a look at this 2nd mega-mound structure located in Holliston.  If one can imagine wooden posts and beams, and other dressing, it looks like we have the remains of another pyramid/temple/platform structure on our hands.  Panning out, trying to get the whole structure in view: 


Note the depressions and hollows within the parameter of the structure- this is not field clearing dumpage whatsoever:

Again, outer parameter is built up, with sections of hollows within the parameter:

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