Thursday, January 29, 2015

Giant Earthen Mound & Unique Stone Structure

Giant Earthen Mound & Unique Stone Structure

The giant Earthen Mound:

This mound (same mound) is the size of several school busses:

Directly at the foot of the mound is this unique stone structure.  This is in the same area as the last couple of posts, and it looks like a smaller version of the large stone structure from 2 posts back;

Note the hollow/ depression in the middle of the structure:

Stone structure in foreground, earthen mound in background:

Nice angle of the stone structure:

The other side of the Earthen Mound:

I'm not sure if Joanne Hulbert and others know about this spot, although Joanne (the town historian) showed us the mega structure in the same general area I posted on already- which is relevant b/c it puts the other mega-structure in a better context with these other works right here as well.

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