Friday, January 16, 2015

Video Links- Indigenous First Nations Teachings & Perspectives + A Book

Video Links- Indigenous First Nations Teachings & Perspectives + A Book

1)  Tom Dostou- The 7 Fires Prophecy (Anishinabe) 18 mins:

1B) Samuel Poe- further refelctions on the 7 Fires Prophecy (4 mins):

2) Rolling Thunder talks about war, pollution, affects the human mind has on the environment and the world we live in, human understanding, learning from the ancients, respecting plant and animal life.  (3 mins):

3) Joseph Rael "Being and Vibration".  Interview excerpt from 'Thinking Allowed' w/ Jeffrey Mishlove.  (10 mins.):

4)  Since Samuel Poe was already mentioned above, refelcting on the 7 Fires Prophecy, I will provide a link to his published book, 'The Algonquian Conquest of the Mediterranean Region of 11,500 Years Ago' here in PDF format.  Very lengthy & well researched, seeming to connect points I have touched on in this blog.  For instance, the connection with the Red Paint People (Maritime Archaic) who academia admits were seafarers, clicks.  It clicks with the 11,000 year old fluted point made from Rhama Chert found by the sand-dunes of the old Champlain Sea in Vermont (see the "Hidden Landscapes" series).  It also clicks with the Stone Chambers and other stoneworks along the Atlantic Seaboard such as "America's Stonehenge" & the Chamber by Echo Lake, MA (ancient headwaters of major river-ways).  It even clicks with what some of the European people, such as the Irish, say of their megaliths, that the people who made them were a dark-skinned race that came from the west.  What the author, Samuel Poe, has said of this work-
"Without a doubt the whites will not accept this book. The book is far too controversial and involves changing history if it was accepted. There is a white conspiracy to rob Native Americans of everything including their great history. If you are Native American it is a must to read The Algonquian Conquest of the Mediterranean Region of 11,500 Years Ago. You'll learn the truth about human evolution and that Native Americans were very likely the first Africans and the first Europeans. You'll also learn about other locations other than Africa and Europe which the Native Americans colonized. Don't be fooled by white negative attitudes towards this book. The whites will not accept the inevitable! They would have to change history if they actually dared to accept the inevitable."

So, here is the link where you can get the book on Amazon:

It is also worth it to do a Google search for this book. 

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