Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More Holliston MA. Cairns & StoneWorks Pt 3

More Holliston MA. Cairns & StoneWorks Pt 3

Stone wall running through a boulder.  Or, perhaps a boulder propped into a stone wall:

Another boulder in the distance:


More stone wall.  This one on a ledge (they always look something like this when up on a ledge):

Meandering stone wall:

Possible bird effigy boulder looking to the distant sky.  The most well-defined part being the beak.  If this is a bird effigy one can imagine it being decorated long ago with perishable plant material and maybe red ochre:

A series of perched/ placed/ and propped boulders;

This was about a month before the winter solstice.  I imagine that during the winter solstice sun-set, the setting sun would line up with the tip of this boulder (the crest on the other side of the boulder from where we see the sun in this pic):

Nice prop under this boulder:

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