Monday, January 5, 2015

Mystery Hill (America's Stonehenge) Pt. 4 - Main Site Chambers & StoneWork I

Mystery Hill (America's Stonehenge) Pt. 4 - Main Site Chambers & StoneWork I

An example of one of the Chamber's at the site.  I think this is one of the Chamber's that the Pattee family used for storage (but did not build; for the structure was already here), one of "the cave's that still remains" as it was described in colonial-era records (yes, a colonial record exists hinting that these "caves" were already in place- the god-fearing colonists are not going to write at lengths to praise elaborate "heathen" constructions- just the opposite- in general they destroyed most of them): 

Walk-way around this Chamber.  This entire walk-way may have had roof-slabs over it at one point, in which case the network of Chamber's here would have been yet even more grand:

View of the Chamber standing back a ways.  The remains of a roof slab or worked-out stone piece is seen in the foreground: 

This stone wall is actually the side of the East/Weast Chamber:

More stonework leading to the Table Dolmen and Oracle Chamber, which I will post on later:

Standing back, the side wall of the East/West Chamber is in the back.  A drain in the bedrock exposed in the foreground:

Side view of the entrance to the East/West Chamber:

Stoneworks leading to the "Sundeck" Chamber & the Oracle Chamber (see later posts): 

Entrance #1 of the East/West Chamber:

Inside the East/West Chamber:

This part of the East/West Chamber is a double-room:

Entrance #2 (or rather, structure #2) of the East/West Chamber, opposite the other entrance:

The "V- Hut" Chamber:

The East/West Chamber viewed from another angle, entrance #1 is visible here:

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