Friday, January 9, 2015

Megumisquog- "Grand View Place/ Great Rock Place" Milford MA. Pt. 2

Megumisquog- "Grand View Place/ Great Rock Place" Milford MA. Pt. 2 

I have in my research of Native place names Magomiscock (Megumisquag) relating to the hills of Milford, MA. a "garnd view place/ great rock place":

A nicely propped boulder:

A boulder perched on a ledge, most obviously erected and oriented in a specific manner.  Folks, this is not a glacial erratic.  Yes, glacial erratics exist but they do not explain these propped and perched boulders I examine in this blog.  If these were glacial erratics they would have continued to tumble down this ledge, they would have crushed any "stoppers" in their way, and they would not be perched in these intellegent positions (which usually reveal to have alignments when properly researched) .  This is the work of man: 

At the base of the last pic, a fallen/ knocked over Standing Stone:

Propped off the ground.  If this was rolling from the glaciers it would not be standing up like this.  To explain all of these boulders away as being glacial erratics is an a-hole thing to do.  You can fool the un-informed but you cannot fool a researcher:

Some nice rounded boulders placed on the ledge:

Some smaller boulders placed on the ledge:


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