Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Video Documentary Links (North America) & Article On Pitcairn Island Moai Found (Polynesia)

Video Documentary Links (North America) & Article On Pitcairn Island Moai Found (Polynesia) 

These 1st couple video links are old, but still interesting.  I believe Ricard Thornton & POOF are currently expanding the knowledge of this area of research.

1) Ancient America- Lost World's Of Georgia (shell midden enclosures, Rock Eagle Effigy Mound, & Moundbuilders) 20 mins:

2) Moundbuilders of Pre-Historic America (very descriptive documentary covering many mound and village sites, also insight into the ancient life-ways of the culture) 1 hr:

3) "A National Treasure in Milford".  Milford (MA.) Daily News interviews Charles Giuliani about some of the pre-colonial stoneworks in the Milford, MA. woods. 3 mins:

4) "Stone Prayers of Southern New England." A film by Jim Porter (showcases alot of impressive northeast indigenous stone constructions from dolmens to cairns.) 10 mins:

5)  And in world news lately, (2014/2015) a previously undiscovered Moai head was found on Henderson Island, one of the 4 Pitcairn Islands in Polynesia.  This is the first Moai head to be found outside of Easter Island (aka Rapa Nui) and this flys in the face of what scholars have previously thought about the Moai heads/ statues, which is that they were isolated to Easter Island alone (although Thor Heyerdahl and other pioneer researchers have pointed out similarities between early epoch statues on Easter Island and works found in Peru/ Bolivia.)  Check out an article about the Henderson Island Moai find here:


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