Friday, September 12, 2014

Cairn Field In Ashland

Cairn Field In Ashland

           There is a very special site in Ashland, MA.  What is interesting about this site for me, is, I had an apartment in Ashland in my early-mid twenties.  I had a job in Framingham as a Produce Clerk at a very busy organic grocery chain, and I would come to the (general) area of this cairn field, out in the woods, to recharge my batteries from the hustle and bustle of work.  There is a plateau not too far above the cairn field which is a mature pine grove where I would spend a lot of time.     
          I always strive to learn the "lay of the land" to the best of my ability, and I did a lot of exploring around the Sudbury River and the part of the Bay Circuit Trail that goes through Ashland and the surrounding area.  When I ran the Boston Marathon in 2009 I trained a lot in this area as well (which is only one town over from my hometown, anyway).  Below are some pictures of the cairn field in Ashland.  Again the field itself has more stoneworks, these are just highlights from pictures:

                                                         A "Unique Structure #1":

A close-up of the stone pile/ stone ring at the base of Unique Structure #1- very "altar"-like:

The back-side of Unique Structure #1 reveals a split stone with inserts is part of this structure:

Some different examples of Cairns:

This was a large boulder incorporated into one of the enclosing walls of the Cairn Field.  Note the donation Piles on the Boulder:

Another view of the boulder incorporated into the wall, with a quartz insert:

More Cairns:

What I would call "Unique Structure #2":

More "Unique Structure #2":

And again, more Cairns:


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