Saturday, September 6, 2014

Split Stone With Wedged Inserts

I have been thinking about these Split Stones with wedged inserts lately:

All of the stones inserted seem to be immovable.  The 1st pic is from Framingham MA., while the other 2 are from Hopkinton MA.  I have seen more, but these examples will do for the purposes of this post.

The function of all 3 of these stone structures seems to incorporate the concept of Sky, Earth, and Water.  All 3 are located on top of a knoll (small hill) or on the side of a hill.  The first 2 examples, there is- as is the case of the 1st one (or was as is the case for the 2nd) a fresh-water stream running downhill near to the stone structures.  The 3rd pic is also generally near water.

It is also interesting to read Mary and James Gage's interpretations of split boulders @, where they talk about the sun-set ceremony.

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