Saturday, September 13, 2014

Medway Cairns and Stone Mound

Site In Medway Contains Cairns & A Stone Mound W/ Geometric Features

If you have ever been to the Medway Lotus there is a nice site across the street from this place:

I noticed this unusually-shaped boulder by the side of the road.  So I decided to head into the bush:

I noticed some cairns a little ways in:

Unfortunately there are houses and a truck-yard nearby and somebody made a Dirt-Bike/4-Wheeler path right over some of the cairns, disrupting some of them:  

As you can see these cairns are already deeply in the ground with time, and in a neglected state:

As is a common problem with many cairn sites, vegetation and trees have grown on top of some of these stone monuments:

Heading deeper into the bush further back-up, I came to an obvious Stone Mound overlooking a swamp:

The stone-mound seemed to feature stunning geometric patterns:

Another pic of the huge Stone Mound:

Part of an interesting stone-wall.  This is getting right behind a modern-day Industrial Park.  It was raining when I was hiking through here so this pic especially is a bit dark:  

The stone in the foreground struck me as a possible Manitou stone, an animal effigy:

Another cairn in the vicinity of the stone-wall:

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