Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hopkinton Site Pt. 3

Hopkinton Site Part 3- Massive Stone Mounds of A Large Scale:

  Here is looking up at a huge mound:

And from above:

Some more:

Another massive mound:

Another view of the same mound above:

A huge mound closer to the ground but in circular geometric compartments: 

This same mound also featured a standing-stone:

Another view of the Standing Stone featured in the mound:

Another huge mound:

And another:

These last 3 pics are different angles of the same massive stone mound:


  1. That next to last photo - compare that big stone to this image:

    1. Tim,
      Now that you mention it I think you are right about the serpent's head. I will post a similar-looking serpent's head propped boulder in a hilltop enclosure sight from Holliston soon (in the general area of the College Rock woods in Hopkinton).
      Thanks again for the insight & good eye,