Wednesday, September 17, 2014

College Rock Cairns

Example of Cairn Field @ College Rock Woods

          Below are some cairns from the College Rock Woods in Hopkinton, Ma.  This was a very nice cairn field place:

                                                           Of a symmetrical circular design:

Some longer ones (I can only speculate what they may represent, but I think I have an idea):

Nice play on the light:


What I would call a "Stone Mound" rather than simply "Cairn":

Another view of "Stone Mound":

Some more nice ones:

Pile at the edge of a ledge.  There was a pile like this at both ends of the ledge:

An unusually shaped boulder resting on top of bedrock/ smaller stones at the end of a stone wall.  From this angle the stone almost looks like a human effigy lying down with no extremities (speculation).  Perhaps it was propped up at one time as a Standing Stone and laid to rest?  Or perhaps it was being prepared to be raised up and it never got around to it?  Or maybe it's just an unusually shaped boulder meant to be hanging out at the end of a wall?:

Native Stone wall terminating abruptly at a ledge: 

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