Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More Around Echo Lake

Echo Lake, Again:

     More sites around Echo Lake.  Last time I posted about Echo Lake I only covered the Stone Shrine around this area.  Here are some more highlights of stone-works around Echo Lake:
                                A split boulder with stone inserts off one of the streets by Echo Lake:

Deep in the bush, this stone marker on a hill seems to point the way to the stone shrine:

In case you missed it here is a pic of the stone shrine.  I posted exclusively on this structure a few posts back, you may have to click "Older Posts" to see it, I would encourage everyone to read all of my entries:

A nearby stone drum.  This was designed to shake/reverberate the ground and makes a loud thumping noise and can be heard from a distance:

Another view of the stone drum.  It looks very similar to the more well-known stone drum nearby in Holliston in the Fairbanks Conservation Woods:

Now, this is a propped boulder:

A horizon marker:

Another propped boulder:

From another angle:

Another horizon marker/ stone marker:

A cairn with some unique shapes:

This propped boulder was part of a stone circle:

Another horizon marker:

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