Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hopkinton Site Pt. 1

Hopkinton Site Pt.1- Cairns, Split Stones W/ Inserts

I recently took a couple days to visit a massive site in Hopkinton.  A friend originally showed this site to me last week, and I spent another day there just by myself to get a better feel of the area/site.  Down the street from this in present-day Ashland is the site of the colonial Nipmuc "Praying Indian" town of Megunkoquog (I have seen this translated as both "the gifted place" or "place of the tall pines".)  Their ancestors were certainly all over the place.  I literally can't walk 2 feet without realizing there is thousands of years of history here.  I took so many pics that I have to break this site down into 3 different posts to include the different types of features.  Here is "Part 1":

Some Cairns/ Split stones w/ inserts:

A dual Cairn/ Split Stone:

A stone ring on this "cairn":

Very nice Split W/ Inserted Stones:

Another view of the above split, w/ a cairn in the foreground:

A very special Cairn with a stone bird effigy at the base:

A couple of massive cairn heaps:

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