Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Elements Incorporated Into Native Walls

Examples of Elements Incorporated Into Native Wall Design
       Below are some examples of features to look for that were incorporated into Native American Wall design.  Noting these features may help determine an assessment whether or not a particular wall is Native in origin or not.
                                        One feature is vertically inserted slabs of stone such as this:
Here we see what looks like a crude point erected underneath a slab of stone, giving the appearance of an altar incorporated into a wall (perhaps the crude point was an offering or special in some way):

Here we see another vertically-inserted slab:

What looks like a standing stone in the foreground of this wall in Holliston:

Another vertical insert, a well-distinguished "head-and-shoulder" Manitou stone:

A special piece of shiny white quartz crystal.  Quartz had special significance to early people (and in fact, still does):

Stone walls that terminate at boulders.  This wall is below a ledge that features a propped boulder in Holliston:

This wall that runs horizontally by Marshall St. in Holliston, MA. terminates at this boulder.  Note how the stone on top of the boulder is specially placed.  Another stone wall continues to run down a slope (more vertically) on the other side of the boulder:

Note how these smaller stones are stacked on top the bedrock as this wall near Marshall St. in Holliston, MA. runs down a slope:

Walls that seem to end nowhere.  Note how this wall terminates abruptly on a ledge:

Another feature is incorporating stone walls into already existing boulders such as this:

Stones stacked on top a larger boulder that has been propped up, creating a niche:

Stone effigy busts of animals (and sometimes human faces) that are incorporated into walls, such as this turtle bust.  Also note there is a vertically inserted slab behind the turtle: 

More walls incorporating the natural feature of boulders into the works:

Another element to look for are walls that meander, suddenly stop at an angle and pick up again at another angle.  These are called Serpent Walls and are nothing like what a European-American colonist or farmer would have built. 

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