Friday, September 12, 2014

Site With Interesting Features

Site in Hopkinton Contains Impressive Remnants Of Old Native Civilization

Here is another of many sites I have noticed.  I first noticed this site riding my bicycle back from the beach at Hopkinton State Park- the site is located on a windy back-road and again, what made me explore the area originally was that I was impressed with the Native-style stone-wall terracing seen from the street.  I had taken state archaeologist Curt Hoffman and several NEARA people to this site also the other month.  Since then I have noticed more features.  
I originally took 60-some-odd pics of the site, and have chosen 22 pics to post up onto the blog.  Here they are below:

A cairn that seems to be part of a line of stone-work meandering up the hillside (these stones probably aligned a certain way, perhaps an astronomical alignment): 

Another Cairn lining up the hill-side:

Two rock-on-rock, notice the smaller rocks placed in the center (also going up the hillside):

Split stone with wedge insert also on the hillside:

Another cairn on the hillside:

A ceremonial stone circle:

Here is the propped boulder on top of the hill.  When looking at a Topography Map this is the highest point in the immediate area.  All of the stone-works on the hillside seem to be lining up to this point, which is why I think they are obviously arranged in an alignment:

Another ceremonial stone circle.  This looks nothing like a modern campfire someone would build and there is no evidence of it being used as such:

A nice section of the Native Wall design:

Some kind of Stone Structure, perhaps a table dolmen or a Prayer Seat:

A view of the same stone structure, from the other angle (seems to be looking out over the hillside):

A Bird Effigy, or Stone God.  Notice the head, wingspan and body of the bird.  This to me looks placed on top of the boulder, but not originally part of the boulder:

Another view of the Bird Effigy:

What looks to be a smaller bird-effigy bust, in the immediate vicinity of the larger one:

A small (but impressive) Rock Shelter:

A nice little chamber-niche, either created or modified by human hands:

Another cairn:

A natural boulder that also seems to function as a horizon marker (there was a semi-circle of these boulders at this spot):

A nice part of the stone-wall that ends on a ledge with a propped-boulder, in the vicinity of the last pic:

Another cairn:

Another boulder which looks like it could have been worked-out (markings):

Another part of the Stone Wall, above the Rock Shelter:

A nice propped boulder with a niche:


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