Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Looking At Basic Shapes And Symbolism

Comparing Some StoneWorks to Ideas Expressed About Basic Shapes

          I stumbled upon a book the other day titled "Making Marks- Discover the Art of Intuitive Drawing" by Elaine Clayton, who curiously enough, lives in the New England area of the United States.  I took some photos from her book, about what some basic shapes can express and reveal to people, and I immediately thought "wait, I have seen this before, in some of the stone-works I am looking at."  Below I will present some pictures from her book and then compare them with the stone-works:

In her book "Making Marks" Elaine Clayton asks us, "which is more receptive?"  I immediately say that the one erected on the right is more receptive:

Which, reminded me of this picture I took, of this stone-work on a hill-top enclosure:

Elaine asks us "Which one is nervous?"  The one on the right, of course, is nervous.  The one on the left is calm, and dignified.  Which reminds me of a head-and-shoulders Manitou Stone.

Such as this:

Or this:

Elaine asks us "Do you think the oval is oppressed?  What about now?":

This could be represented in stone-work as a propped boulder, dignified and placed to be closer to the heavens:

This idea is also seen in cairns:

Elaine asks us in her book, "Which triangle is more calm?"  Of course, it is the shape that is more smoothed/ rounded out:

This propped boulder looked to me to be rounded:

As did this stone incorporated into a cairn (smooth/ i.e. "older", i.e. "wisdom"):

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