Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sherborn Site

Site In Sherborn

         When I was younger my parents drove by a swamp/pond off of Rte. 16 in Sherborn to get to Natick every Sunday.  I finally (after all these years) got a chance to hike through this area a bit- a tract of conservation woods off Rte. 16/ Old Orchard Rd. There seems to be development on all sides of these woods and the woods themselves only held faint traces of the older Native stone-remains, but I was stoked that I did find some things.  Below are some of the highlights-

                                       A cairn/ stone mound (note the placement of the stones) close to the ground, with a lot of "leaf-litter":

A wall running up boulders on a ridge:

View from on top of the ridge.  Nice stone wall terracing:

Beautiful propped boulder on a ledge:

Another view of the propped boulder:

Another view:

Below from the propped boulder is this boulder, which seemed to me to be marked out (I would need a professional opinion, but at other sites I have seen less obvious markings being acknowledged as such by a professional archaeologist.):

I nice ledge, with a ring of propped boulders around it.  This is just a teaser of the actual place.  Unfortunatly the tree line and somebody's back yard have ruined what must have been an excellent view from the ledge: 

Perhaps a standing stone:

A partially buried cairn:

On another ledge, another boulder, possibly propped, and again, part of another stone ring:

Another wall snaking up another ridge:

I plan to be back to this area for more investigating in the future.  I haven't explored stone works in Sherborn much, but plan to do more in the future.

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