Friday, September 19, 2014

Goat Hill In Uxbridge

Goat Hill, Along the Blackstone River

      Below are some pics from Goat Hill in Uxbridge.  I thought I was in Northbridge looking at this site, but I guess this is another Uxbridge site.  Very large hill meandering along the bank of the Blackstone River, and incredible stone-works:
                                       A cairn from one of several cairn fields around the hill:

Unique structure: Turtle-like Propped boulder w/ a well-defined niche spot.  Behind the structure is a small underground room.

Amazing propped (and perhaps totally flipped) boulder on the edge of a ledge: 

"Grand-daddy" Cairn from one of several cairn fields.  This is on the side of a hill:

Some more cairns/ stone mounds:

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