Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Serpent Wall & Underground Room

Serpent Wall & Underground Room

What I believe to be the head-stone of the Serpent.  It looks very "dragon-like.":


A stone altar/ niche spot for offering stones directly below the head of the serpent:

From the head of the Serpent, the wall begins:

The wall runs into what looks like a marked-out boulder and continues:

Another boulder incorporated into the Serpent Wall:

The boulder on the right is the same from the pic above.  Notice how both boulders have been worked-out, and the boulder on the left has been specially placed into position, and there is an open space between the stones:

Looking at the last picture, it reminded me of these stones from the "Adam's Calender" site in South Africa.  The purpose of the comparison is to argue that probably the stones in the picture above (from my area) could have been used in a similar way- to track heavenly bodies or a solstice point, perhaps some kind of astronomy involved (which they have been finding out with sites in my area):

Back to our Serpent's Wall.  A nicely placed stone slab in the wall:

A nearby underground room:

I need to replace my flashlight batteries for a stronger shine:

The Serpent's Wall continues directly outside the Underground Room.  Notice the triangular point incorporated into the wall here.  This seems to be a focus point after coming up from the underground room (very meditative):

And the wall continues:

A nice boulder at the edge of a ledge in the general area of this site.  IMO, this boulder can be argued either way- glacial erratic or propped boulder, although most of the boulders I post on here I strongly feel are propped:

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