Thursday, September 11, 2014

Exploring A Cave

Encountering A Cave And Exploring It
             I had stumbled upon a cave entrance and decided to explore it.  Below are some pics which I will share:
                      Coming up on the entrance.  I made sure to bring my walking stick for some help if I needed it.  
A close-up of the entrance.  The cave drops down about 8-11 feet and opens up into a larger underground room that could comfortably accommodate half a dozen people.  It is also a good thing I train in Kung Fu and do different types of push-ups everyday for upper-body strength so I could pull myself back up the ledge: 

This is a smaller underground room/shelter outside of the cave entrance:

Here is a large niche/ another opening (of the animal sort) into the cave:

What I thought may or may not be a Standing Stone above one of the entrances to the cave:

In the town I was in, the librarian (in between my explorations of the area) called these woods "the Pig Pen Trail."  I thought that was interesting as while I was reading Peter Waksman's blog, there is a "Pig Pen" in Concord, which is really a Chamber.  


  1. Very nice, Matthew. I have been interested in caves for over 50 years. And not just big ones formed by water. I visit them all. Obviously there is a lot more rocky deposits out your way than even I could imagine.

  2. Great find! I'd be interested in visit the cave. Would it be possible to get more details on its location?

  3. Hi Matthew,

    I was hoping you can help me locate this cave. I'm part of the local caving community, and we like to catalog all caves found in New England. Each year we add newly discover and rediscovered caves to the long list.t If you could give me details as to where I could find this cave it would be greatly appreciated.