Monday, September 15, 2014

Zain Ridge Is Multi-functional

Site at Zain Ridge Contains Multi-functional Stone-Works

           There is a site in my area I noticed a while back which is by a place called "Zain Ridge."  I took a professional archaeologist friend to the site the other month to record it for an inventory list he is going to dump on the state department, which is the first step to preserving and recognizing these sites for what they really are- Native American Ceremonial Stone-Works.  In my friend's assessment of this site he noted it is a multi-functional site, and only 23-24% of sites fall into this category, at least this is the understanding so far.

          So here are some pics of the site:

                             A standing stone/marker that has been chipped/worked out a very long time ago:

My friend also noted that this Standing Stone/ Horizon Marker has markings on it (hard to see/ "worn out"):

Part of a stone-wall going up the ridge:

A Unique Stone Mound structure/ U-shape design:

A cairn:

Another cairn on the side of the hill:

And another amazing cairn:

A propped boulder that is incorporated into a stone enclosure:

Another view of the propped boulder.  It looks like someone (Zain, was that you?) marked the boulder out as a town marker in the 19th century, although the modern town line has changed and is back-a-little-ways:

Another ground cairn:


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