Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Site in Upton, MA.

Awesome Cairn Field & Stone Structures In Upton, MA.
          I recently did some hiking with a friend in the Upton area, who showed me an awesome site adjacent to some power-lines.  The infamous "Upton Chamber" isn't too far from this site either.  Here are some pics from the site below:
What my friend and I believe to be an obvious Ceremonial Stone Circle.  A little bit too much care and attention to detail is given for this to be modern, as well as there is no indication of any charcoal/ a fire within modern times.  Not large enough for a fire, really, but probably perfect for an offering.  Also the structure probably goes down to the bedrock:
A cool niche in this huge stone wall.  No modern quarry marks plus the fact that this wall encloses a Native American-style cairn field makes this noteworthy of interest.  Also note how some of the stones stacked into the wall at this spot are slabs of stone: 

The cairns begin, just some examples for the blog out of many more on-site:

A very unique structure.  Maybe 8-1o feet in length.  Is this a miniature wall, or a "wall-like" cairn?

More "cairns" (Native American Stone Piles which appear in clusters):

Hmm.  Not quite a split with a wedge, but something like it:

A classic Native feature.  Incorporating stone walls into large erratic boulders:

More cairns:

A Standing-Stone at the edge of the site:


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